Marta Sędzicka


  • type: website - blog
  • date: 2015
  • language: English, with posts in Polish
  • adress:

Basic assumptions
We were supposed to create a blog, based on a sketch drawn by the client. The blog was inspired by minimalism, with few graphic elements to give prominence to the professional photos. The content of the blog was to be posts relating to the TOP MODEL reality show by TVN. One of the key criteria was the ability to create, modify and delete content: posts and pictures - without the need to know any programming languages. Another key requirement was that the blog has to look and work great on all popular browsers and mobile devices. The ready blog was to be moved to the domain.
We have chosen WordPress as the favorite blogging platform with very intuitive interface and great customization options. Because the administrative panel is easy to use, and the text editor allowing to create blog posts and pages is very rich it was a great choice for our client. Moreover, WordPress has a modular structure, which makes it possible to expand its functionality. Even though WordPress itself is quite secure, we decided to additionally secure it against bot attacks. In order to guide the future development of the blog we linked it to Google Analytics, which allows us to track the behavior of the visitors in real time.
The blog was devoted to the viewers of the reality show and the fans of the blog owner. Because of the specificity of the modelling world, the website is in English, but, since the audience was predominantly in Poland, or speaking Polish the posts on the site are in Polish. Additionally, there is the possibility to add other languages in the future.
The blog was created with categories, where every post can be assigned one or many categories. Additionally, the posts were assigned tags, which are meant to make navigation easier and allow them to find the content they are looking for faster. For this reason we have also added the option to search the website. The visitors are mostly interested in the latest posts - that is why they are prominently featured on the front page, but we also wanted to make it easier for new fans to catch up on the older posts, that is why we have added an archive, with an overview of the posts by month of publication. Additionally, there are two widgets which show our client on social media: Facebook and Instagram

We were expecting a high number of visitors with significant spikes in activity, which is why we devoted a lot of attention to the blog optimization and minimization of elements, so that the data transfer could be minimal for every visitor. The blog was placed on a dedicated server, which was able to handle the load. We have also used data compression to minify all possible resources, which further increased the website loading speed and lowered data usage.

Programming languages used:
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • SQL

Because of the minimalist format and the expected high number of pictures of different colors we used the black and white contrast as our leading theme, with two additional shades of gray, to ensure that the added content will work well with the website design.