We will understand your needs, find the best solution for you and save your time. Each business is unique, and so should be the website - to serve its purpose and make you stand out in the saturated market. A well-designed website works for you - by informing your clients, letting you be found and representing you well.
  • company websites
  • landing pages
  • blogs
  • product catalogs
Regardless of the size of the project we guarantee that your site will:
  • work on all major browsers
  • be fully functional and accessible on mobile devices

Online stores / e-commerce

The stores we make are easy to use and navigate. There are no subscription costs or comission. We will make it based on an open-source engine, which is frequently updated - its modular structure allows the store to gain functionality as your business needs grow. Regardless of the size of the store we ensure that it will:
  • work well on all major browsers
  • be fully functional on mobile phones
  • be easy to use, as you will get the training and support you need

Graphic designs

Images are processed faster than words, and are more memorable, while words add precise meaning. What if both of these are combined to amplify the effect? A clear message together with suitable image can be very impactful. A well-designed banner, slide or business card make you appear more reliable and trustworthy, encouraging people to buy your products or services and reminding them of you: You can order these from us:
  • banners for your sites and stores
  • slides and presentations
  • business card and company paper designs
  • PDF document designs
  • e-mail templates
  • and many more, just ask us about them!

Website modernization and revamp

Do you have a website you are not happy with? We will talk to you about what to change and suggest improvements. You will learn what changes are recommended and on what budget and timeline. We'll make it look great on mobiles and tablets as well as very large screens.
  • graphic Design update
  • technical support
  • UX design update
  • functionality extension
If it's better to make the website from scratch we will clearly tell you. You can also choose how involved you will get in the redesign process. Leave it in our hands.


Let yourself be found. The number of visitors of your site or store depends largely on its position in search results. It is no longer enough to just create a website to get visitors. There are too many websites fighting for higher position - we will help you climb up the results list to get more exposure and customers. We use only methods recommended by Google (White Hat), among them:
  • code optimization
  • content optimization and organization
  • link and url analysis

Logo design

Logo is often the first thing your client or business partner knows about you. A well-designed logo can carry a lot of meaning about your company, project, products and values. The colors, shapes and icons - all carry information and meaning which create an image of your business in your clients' minds, which depends on their culture, experience and knowledge - what will this image be? We will analyse your clients and make sure it is positive.