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Designing websites

Your website has to be not only functional, easy to use and navigate but also look great on all devices. It also has to represent you and your business very well, so that your core business, values, mission and key information are all clear.


Website modernization and revamp

Trends change, technologies become outdated and needs evolve. What is the lifetime of your website? That depends on many factors. How much time has gone by since you last updated your site? What technologies were used? Sometimes even old pages can be modernized.


Internet stores

A well designed website can do wonders for your business, but a well-designed store can directly contribute to your earnings. We make stores that are intuitive, easy to use and have a modern look. The stores are built on an open-source engine which is kept up to date, with no monthly fees or limits.


Graphic Design

Well-made banners, slides and business cards are necessary to survive in the competitive environment and to encourage the client to turn to you. Images are quicker to process than words and often more memorable.


Logo design

Logo is often the first thing your client or business partner knows about you. A well-designed logo can carry a lot of meaning about your company, project, products and values. We will make sure all of them are positive.



Let yourself be found. The number of visitors of your site or store depends largely on its position in search results. It is no longer enough to just create a website to get visitors. There are too many websites fighting for higher position - we will help you climb up the results list to get more exposure and business.



In our work we are inspired by the real needs of Internet users: finding information, products or services and connecting with people from any device, browser, all around the world - quickly and effortlessly.

We really listen to what you need and clearly tell you what we can do - so that together we can find the best solution. As designers, we develop together with our clients, as they always return to create with us something new. We love our job, so we always give it our best. There are over 3.76 billion pages online - let's make yours count!

Krzysztof Bogusz

Graphic designer and main programmer with a passion for new technologies and elegant solutions.

Kinga Garnette-Skorupska

Programmer, content writer and English translator. Loves fantasy and logic games.

Paweł Biernat

Content writer and creative writer. Mountains are his passion.

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