Logo Antyki Renowacja


  • type: logo
  • date: 2016
  • language: Polish

Basic assumptions
We were asked to create a logo for a company which deals with sales and renovation of antique furniture, and which, in the future, would like to expand its business, to other items, mostly made of wood. The logo was supposed to have the word "renowacja" meaning renovation and "antyki", which means antiques as well as graphic elements which are associated with furniture renovation as well as professional, artistic woodworking - if possible in the form of tools. We also found out that the domain was already bought, so that these specific words were set in stone.
We have gathered information about how our client works, and researched what woodworking and wooden furniture renovation looks like in general. The main business of our client is connected to antiques (not only renovation but also sales). Moreover we have established, that the potential clients will react faster to the word "antique"rather than "renovation". That is why this word should be given more prominence.  We have also assumed, that to keep the logo simple and modern we need to merge the graphic symbol into the words, so that the logo becomes compact and clean.
Target group
Our client is active in Poland, which is why the language as well as the style of the font used are Polish.
The logo should be unique. There is no widely available tool that would enable one to familiarize yourself with logos of similar companies. Therefore it is crucial to perform research, so that the created logo can be unique. We researched companies which offer similar services and referenced their logo, to make sure that we are creating something no other company has, both in terms of lettering and symbols used.

The logo was supposed to be compact, so that it could be placed on advertising materials and gadgets without any modification. It was supposed to be fit for business cards as well as cars. The letters used are quite "heavy", resembling old furniture, and yet their shape is somewhat modern.
In the first step, we decided to merge the graphic element with the words "antyki" and "renovation". In order to underline the fact that the company can do precise woodworking we have chosen a wood chisel - a small, special kind of chisel used to allow precise work. We used it as the letter "i" in the word "antyki" which is plural for "antyk" - this ensures that even if the potential customer does not read the last sign as "i" then the key concept behind the logo will still be clear.

The logo was supposed to be used on light background, mostly white - which is why we have chosen black. However, it is possible to convert the logo to be any color imaginable so that it can be nicely composed into any design, or even be white on black background - all with it remaining very readable.