Online shop casmarastore


  • type: ecommerce site
  • data: 2015
  • language: polish / english
  • adress:

Main assumptions

The aim of the project was to prepare a web shop, as a platform for sales of Casmara cosmetics. The project was meant to be created according to the client’s strict requirements. The creation process was to be split into stages, allowing a faster launch and starting the shop’s positioning. The following stages included adding an English version of the site with Euro as the second currency and implementing a couple additional modules. Those modules were supposed to extend the functionality of the shop and adapt it to the changing assortment. They would also make the site easier to use for the buyers, thus increasing the sales. The shop’s administration panel had to be user-friendly and not require any programming knowledge from its owner.


The majority of the content has been provided by the customer, including: photos and marketing materials, such as signs and graphical elements that were appearing on the products’ packaging. The remaining required elements have been designed by us to match the Casmara’s products’ design and the client’s requirements. We’ve also prepared a detailed product description template, a list of information that could be interesting for the shop’s customers and we’ve looked into finding a company processing express online money transfers.


The shop has been created using a Prestashop script written in PHP language. The data is stored in files and a MySQL database. To increase the safety of the buyers and their identity the connection to the shop is always encrypted using SSL. The outer shop structure consists of two main elements. The first is a typical, commercial one including the products’ descriptions and categories as well as subpages allowing the customers to place their orders. The second one is purely descriptive and provides information about our client’s company and possible ways of cooperation. It’s been written using the built-in system called CMS (Content Management System). It can be edited from the administration panel in the same way as the rest of the shop’s content.


The only product type in the Casmarastore web shop are cosmetics. They’re meant for home use and because of the Casmara company’s low recognition, an important task was to write detailed product descriptions while maintaining their readability. To make the managing of the product’s pages easier, we’ve used a module placing special text blocks in the products. It allows for sharing the same description by different products, for example the way of using them. In this way, modifying one text block changes all its instances at once, instead of having to change all of the blocks separately. This feature prevents the occurrence of outdated descriptions on the site and decreases the time spent on placing the new products on the site. The shop also offers professional cosmetics that can only be used by people having specific knowledge about their use. It was necessary to limit the availability of those cosmetics only to previously verified groups of clients.

Target markets

At the moment of launch the shop was only targeted at the Polish market. As previously mentioned, the English version has been added later together with the Euro currency, to open the shop to the European market.


The Casmara’s mainly used colours are black and white, thus we’ve also chosen those colours as dominant. In order not to distract the potential customers from the products and create too much contrast, we’ve also used a couple shades of grey. By doing that we’ve aimed at attracting the customers’ attention to the pictures.

  • PHP
  • HTML 5.0
  • CSS 3
  • XML