Logo WiseWolf studio


  • type: logo
  • date: 2016
  • language: Polish

Basic assumptions
We prepared the logo for an agency offering translation services, of among other things books, articles, offers, documents, movies and websites. In the project the colours were set - they were supposed to be blue and yellow or red. Another important thing was the connection to the wolf, while at the same time remaining quite professional looking and adding another dimension to the meaning.
Before creating the logo we familiarized ourselves with the client's requirements, as well as the logos of translation agencies serving bigger customers - we took care that the logo is both professional and friendly, as well as a bit funny.
The logo was supposed to be attractive both to the clients in Poland, as well as abroad, especially in the USA and Great Britain.
The competition on the translation market is huge, which is why the logo had to stand out as professional and well-designed, so that the agency's services are from the very beginning associated with high quality.
The colors in the logo were matched together, to create a professional appearance (blue and black) with a single light-hearted accent (yellow) - additionally the yellow color leads the eye from the left corner of the logo, through the company name. The reason is that yellow is the first color processed by the human brain. The client decided to use the version of the logo with yellow and black, and not red to avoid introducing more colors, a choice we agree with and fully endorse 🙂
logo WiseWolf studio - wersja z kolorem żółtym i czarnym

logo WiseWolf studio - wersja z kolorem czerwonym

The font used to create the logotype is very clear and modern. What is more it remains easy to read even in small resolutions and on different backgrounds - also thanks to the fact that it is sans-serif. Additionaly, it looks really good in combination with serif fonts, which often appear on official documents and in print.

Graphic element
WiseWolf Studio is named after a wolf, therefore the client wanted the symbol to resemble a wolf. In this case we decided that because the client wanted the logo to be readable and professional it is best to use geometric shapes to represent the wolf. Additionally, the symbol has a hidden meaning of a heart, showing the passion of the agency for their work. Finally, it is easy to take apart into smaller shapes: rectangles and squares, which then can be used to adorn print materials and the company website.