Logo Smart Systems


  • type: logo
  • date: 2016

Main assumptions

Our task was to prepare a couple logo designs for the new website version of Smart Systems company, which primarily offers professional solutions for dictation and transcription, manufactured by Philips. The company already had a logo, however it didn’t suit the company’s new image and didn’t reflect the offered services. We had to take into consideration, that the new logo would be often presented together with Philips’ logo and other graphical marks. Our design was also required to be readable even in a small size.


We’ve collected the materials from our client, which included Philips’ marketing materials, a guide on their graphical marks and a guide for Philips’ partners. To avoid any unnecessary association with the competitors and to ensure the originality of the designed logos, we’ve looked into the competitors’ logo designs.

Target Markets

Smart Systems’ offer is targeted only for the Polish market. However, we’ve assumed that it might change in the near future.


Our client’s offer is addressed to a narrow group of customers. Therefore, we’ve focused on individual details of the designed graphical mark, which affected the chosen form of logotype.

Graphical mark

The services and products offered by Smart System reminded us of groups of people, business, recording meetings and voice notes. We wanted the graphical mark to refer to all of those elements, while being recognisable and easy to remember.


We’ve experienced a bit with the form, combining the graphical mark with the company name, as well as treating them as two separate objects. Since the logo had to be well visible even in a small size, we’ve avoided using thin lines, which could change the perception of the logo or disappear completely.


We’ve chosen black and shades of blue as the design colours. All the designs can be successfully applied using only black, without losing any readability. It is also possible to use any other colour as a replacement for blue, as long as it is a relatively dark one.


Among all the designs proposed to the company, our client has chosen a logo presenting the company’s name and a graphical mark of a big city, presented as lines imitating the sound strength graph.