Logo merishop


  • type: logo
  • date: 2016
  • language: English

Basic assumptions
We were asked to create a logo for a new online store. The logo was supposed to clearly show that the website is an online store. The preferred colors were pink, violet and black. The logo was supposed to also indicate that the prices are reasonable, to be able to attract more customers, however the products in the store were mostly of interest to women. Moreover, the logo was supposed to have a friendly and welcoming air to it.
We requested information concerning the planned marketing campaigns and materials that the logo will be printed on, as well as the key target group of the store. We have also received a preliminary sketch of what the store would look like. We have also focused on the question how is our client's business unique, and how they would like to be set apart from the competition.
Reach / Target group
We worked under the assumption that the store will have global reach, with key focus on clients from English speaking countries, or those with widespread knowledge of English among the population.
Because of the very large target group and geographical area and, in consequence, large competition we have decided to focus on the details of the design - to make it as friendly and clean as possible - rather than reference the competition.
In the end the preferred shape of the logo was a rectangle - taking into account safe margins. The length is 2.5 the height, so that it is easy to fit the store design as well as an email template.

Because the store was to be visited by clients looking for different types of gifts we have decided to use a stylized gift bag. In the first sketches of the logo the words meri and shop were on the right of the graphic element. However, because the length of both of these words is similar we decided to split them and place the graphic element in between, in such a way to create a visual balance. Because the whole store was supposed to be very user-friendly, together with the regulations, return policy and so on, we were asked to use a handwritten font.

We experimented with different shades of violet and pink, but in the end we decided to use black letters, which would always have high contrast with light backgrounds, where the logo was supposed to be placed, and a dark pink gift bag, for a similar reason.