Alladyn website - product catalog


Dywany Alladyn - website / handmade carpet catalog

  • type website/catalog
  • date 2015
  • language Polish/English

Basic assumptions
This website was to be a carpet catalog, which is why it was of key importance to create a clear division of products into categories, as well as the template of the product description with key features for each carpet. These categories were later divided into subcategories, which also needed a description. Moreover, one product can belong to a few different categories at the same time. In order to accommodate these needs we decided to use an online store script, without the cart.
Our client already had a website as well as an online store, made by us, but he also wanted to create a clean product catalog online, which he could show in the two stores in Warsaw. He also wanted to feature there articles concerning history and symbolism of carpets. The catalog was to replace his old website, which could not be modernized and whose functionality could not be extended.
The catalog was to present the offer of the store in Poland, therefore first it was created in Polish, and only then in English.
The website was divided into the parts with the carpet catalog with categories indicating the origin and type of the carpet, a guide and an information section on carpets - moreover in the menu, there is a link to the only store through which it is possible to order most of the carpets from the catalog.

The home page was to visually present the offer, which is why it consists of the top slider with key information about the company and news (awards, special offers, ordering custom carpets) as well as links to categories in the catalog in the form of pictures of carpets representative of each category.
Because we have used PrestaShop as the store engine there was already a CMS module available, which in this project was used to create the "About carpets" section as well as some pages with description of the business. As the catalog was developed, this ceased to be enough which is why we have added a separate module allowing for the creation of a custom full-featured blog from the administrative panel.
In the menu there is a "guide" section, which is a non-standard module for blogging, added to the PrestaShop engine and modified to fit this project's assumptions. This module is SEO-optimized and allows for adding and formatting articles with pictures and films.      
The logo of Dywany Alladyn is gold, which is one of the reasons we decided to use brown in our design. Owing to the use of dark brown and beige the website feels like it is connected to nature and natural materials, such as wool and silk, the materials the handmade carpets offered in the catalog are made of. Brown is also associated with wood and furniture, that is elements of interior design which go well with carpets.
Product page
The description of each carpet is very detailed, with key features displayed in an easy to read chart. Every page with an individual carpet description can be shared in social media, like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Moreover, each picture in the catalog can be zoomed in with a magnifying glass - which makes it easier to see the intricacies of the design of the carpets.
The catalog, among other things, was meant to encourage potential buyers to visit the two store locations in Warsaw, which is why we added two maps to the footer, which show where the stores are located. Next to the maps there are the addresses and the phone number for quick reference.